Green Weddings and Events

Here at the Wellbeing Farm, we get excited about all things sustainable. That’s why we teamed up with an environmental enthusiast to bring you this fantastic and revolutionary take on tradition; our green wedding package.

What is the Green Wedding Package?

In short, selecting our green wedding package means you can celebrate your marriage in a way that won’t cost the Earth; literally. Everything in this package from the food you eat, to the wedding suppliers, to the decorations, has a low environmental impact, and that’s just the way we like it!


Why is it important?

There are some shocking and disturbing statistics on the amount of waste which a wedding produces. It has been estimated that around 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic were used up and left after weddings last year and that one wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste. With regards to food waste, the average family home will dispose of roughly £700 of food in one year, a wedding can account for around 65% of an entire year of a home’s wastage.


Circular Economy Mindset

By consulting with one of the leading experts on the circular economy, Catherine Weetman, the Farm has worked to adopt a circular economic means of operation for your wedding.

A circular economy is a defying contrast to our throughout the economy of today. A circular economy attempts to prolong the life of a particular material by assigning it a new function. Therefore, instead of throwing material away, it is reinvented and manufactured into a new product.

The Green Wedding Package has successfully implemented this thinking through such creations as our one-of-a-kind and radically inventive ‘Prop Shed’. The Prop Shed holds decorations and features from previous weddings and events and these are repurposed and reinvented into something new and personal. Through this method, you can design your decorations, thereby making them entirely unique, and in the good conscience that they are creating no waste in the process.

The Green Wedding Package also has some inventive ideas on how your guests can take a little piece of sustainability home with them. For example, the beer and wine bottles from your event can be redesigned as a flower vase or rose holder, or flower seeds can be given so your guests can plant a reminder of your day in their homes and watch them blossom.

The Farm also offers your guests the chance to donate money to a charity of your choice in lieu of a gift. In endeavours to create an environmental take on tradition, the Green Wedding Package also looks to replace such conventions as confetti, which is non-biodegradable, with such alterations as birdseed or flower petals.


The Venue

Through Celia’s environmental ethos and creative vision, she has transformed what was once a derelict barn into a beautiful eco-friendly dream. Everything in the barn has been upcycled, renovated, and redesigned into something outstandingly inventive; old army parachutes are used to construct the ceiling, giving the barn a serene tepee effect, wooden crates have been constructed together to make cosy lampshades, the seats for the wedding guests are constructed out of hay bales, and an upcycled bar is surrounded by milk pale stools which add to the rustic and chic style.

As if that wasn’t enough green for you, the Farm is also powered by a combination of mains power and wind turbine. Whatever is produced by the wind turbine and isn’t used funds the mains and as a result, you and your guests can dance the night away guilt-free!

The barn is an undeniable beacon of how environmental remodelling can create a beautiful space that boasts of its luxury, all whilst being established as profoundly sustainable.


Indeed, this venue has captured the hearts of many couples in Lancashire and beyond.


Streaming Service

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put a heavy restriction on social gatherings and events and at the Farm, there has been no exception. However, this won’t stop us from celebrating your day! This option not only allows your wedding to be streamed to guests who are perhaps unable to attend but it also reduces pollutive emissions which are created by travelling. Streaming your wedding is a sure-fire way to ensure that everyone remains safe whilst no one misses out on celebrating your big day.


No Plastic Policy

Since 2017, the Farm has been working to eliminate all plastic from its operations.

The use of plastic straws and stirrers has been banned and the Farm orders paper straws and wooden stirrers from Stephensons, a company that implores you to sign their pledge to help make Manchester plastic-free. As a token of our efforts and a reminder of our good impact, the straws are imprinted with a cute little Manchester bee.

In addition to this, the Farm does not serve plastic water bottles on site. Instead, there are water urns located around the venue.

The only exception to this rule is a necessary one as, due to a nasty accident a Llama encountered with a stray glass, the Farm uses polycarbonate plastic glasses which are washed and reused at the bar, but glassware is available at a table setting.


The Menu

Everything the Farm makes is created with sustainability at its heart, and the catering options, from canapes to deserts are no exception! The menu has a small carbon footprint as the chef ensures that when dishes are being created, environmental practicality and benefit are considered by ensuring that the ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible.

Our menu offers a wide range of options to cater to all your dietary desires. The meat is locally sourced from the family butchers, and we offer a choice of fish which is sourced from the environmentally-conscious Neve Fleetwood which prides itself on sustainable practice.

We also offer an array of vegetarian and vegan options, such as vegetable kebabs, vegan burgers, spring green risotto, and our very own veggie take on the traditional roast dinner, all of which are as delicious as they sound. As if this wasn’t green enough, the Farm also grows its edible flowers and herbs which are watered by water butts which are placed around the site, it is also in the process of developing a vegetable garden.

The drink we provide are all sourced locally and all bottles are recycled after use so don’t be afraid to pop the champagne!


Table Ware

It isn’t just the food that is sustainably sourced!

At the Wellbeing Farm, the tableware has all been purchased with environmental influence in mind. The napkins used are from a company called Eco-echo, and they contain no plastic and are not single-use products, all takeaway cups and containers can be recycled or are biodegradable, and the Farm is also looking into the possibility of bamboo cutlery.

The plates the Farm uses are created out of Palm leaf which is quite possibly the eco-friendliest way to serve food. Not only do these plates add a rustic look to your dish but they are also completely toxin and chemical-free. The bleaches that were used when sterilising them in their creation were natural, safe, and plant-based. As they are made of leaves, no trees were cut down in the process of their creation, and because these plates are also 100% compostable they can be repurposed once they break to help feed growing trees, therefore, palm plates are the most sustainable way to enjoy a good meal.


Food Waste

Food waste is an inevitable part of running any venue. However, letting food go to waste is not.

By employing methods of a circular economy, the Farm has ensured that any waste produced, where possible, can go to a new purpose. For example, if there are any meals left, workers take surplus food to charities, vegetable peels and fruit peels are composted (or fed to the donkeys) and any leftover meat from events is given to a local dog food company to feed local pooches.

The Farm is also looking into the feasibility of anabolic composting in the hope of turning all food waste that has no other purpose into fertiliser for this and neighbouring farms.


Ethical Wedding Shops

The Wellbeing Farm is partners with many ethically-minded shops.

From bakery to wedding dresses, the Farm can recommend an array of local shops who would be happy to contribute to help make your day as fashionable, personal, and environmentally friendly as you can imagine!

Ask for our list of local suppliers to get started!