Our Progress

Ever since 2013, we have been capturing the hearts of the people of Lancashire. Though we started small, we have been working as eco-friendly as possible.

The main feature of our Events Barn is the ceiling, which is made up of three recycled ex-Army parachutes, that would have previously been used lowering a tank or a jeep! We have been working with local suppliers since the beginning and the impact of the environment is important to every product we use.

We have been recycling as much as possible on our Farm too, with the food waste being sent to make bio-fuel.

Within 6 months of opening, we received the Green Tourism Business Award!

But that didn’t mean we could stop there!

As we diversified into weddings, we came up with new ways to make our events with wellbeing at the centre, as stress-free and sustainable as possible. We developed a Prop Store, in which our couples can use as many Props as they would like at no extra charge to them – which saves waste, petrol miles and cost for the couple.

We set up our very own wind turbine, which generates the majority of electricity on our Farm, as well as butts collecting rainwater.

In 2019, we banned the use of single-use plastic straws and stirrers on all our bars, instead consulting Stephensons special bee straws and wooden stirrers. To get them, we had to sign their pledge to help make Manchester plastic-free.

We also decided to not sell plastic bottles of water, instead having a self-serve water station instead during our weddings.

We’re so proud of the progress we have made but know there is still more that we can do – so we are looking to progress even further to be become as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can be.