WASH Your Business

Give your Business a Wash

At the Wellbeing Farm, we will WASH your business.

Our wash scheme stands for:

Wellbeing at our centre
Amazing nutritious food
Sustainable and safe
Happy and fun environment

At the Wellbeing Farm, we champion nature and sustainability. You can therefore be assured that we will provide you with team-bonding events, delicious food, and beautiful spaces all whilst bringing you and your colleagues closer to nature. So, whether you want to create a getaway for your employees, organise a corporate party, or host your next business meeting, there’s no better way to refresh your business than by paying us a visit.


Located in the picturesque Lancashire countryside, the Wellbeing Farm is a place that emanates calmness and serenity. We have partnered with the North West Centre for Business and Wellbeing to ensure that your welfare is our top priority.


Why is Sustainability Important?

At the Wellbeing Farm, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our wind turbine provides us with energy, the food and drink are sourced locally, and we work hard to ensure a zero-waste policy by implementing methods of circular economy. We have achieved the Gold Level award from the Green Tourism Scheme, the world’s leading sustainable tourism sector, and we are constantly innovating new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we are proud to be partnered with Wellbeing Lancashire, in hosting a variety of events tailored to you and your business needs.

Delicious Delicacies to Fuel your Mind

The Wellbeing Farm’s bespoke and sustainable menu offers a delicious dish for any dietary requirement.

The menu has a small carbon footprint as the chef ensures that when dishes are being created, environmental practicality and benefit are considered by ensuring that the ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible. We also offer seasonal dishes which means our menu is ever-developing and progresses with the change of the seasons. The meat is locally sourced from the family butchers, and we offer a choice of fish which is sourced from environmentally-conscious suppliers.

We also offer an array of vegetarian and vegan options and as if this wasn’t green enough, the Farm also grows its edible flowers and herbs which are watered by water butts which are placed around the site, it is also in the process of developing a vegetable garden. In addition to this, our variety of grazing tables are unique to the Wellbeing Farm and tailored to the delights and fancy of your team. All of our grazing tables will contain dishes for vegans and vegetarians.

Dining here is sure to provide a true taste of Lancashire.

Choose from the below…


Vibrant and healthy – exciting salads, fruit platters, wholesome grains designed for energy and wholesomeness.

The Lancashire grazing table

Seasonal and local ingredients – local cheese, meats accompanied with seasonal vegetables and salads and a great pudding – think of it as a big food hug.

The Party grazing table

Fun, quirky and exciting – a bit more of a showmanship offer with a mixture of savoury and sweet local and exotic dishes.

Food Waste

Food waste is an inevitable part of running any venue. However, letting food go to waste is not.

By employing methods of a circular economy, the Farm has ensured that any waste produced, where possible, can go to a new purpose. For example, if there are any meals left, workers take surplus food to charities, vegetable peels and fruit peels are composted (or fed to the donkeys) and any leftover meat from events is given to a local dog food company to feed local pooches.

The Farm is also looking into the feasibility of anabolic composting in the hope of turning all food waste that has no other purpose into fertiliser for this and neighbouring farms.

No Plastic Policy

Since 2017, the Farm has been working to eliminate all plastic from its operations. The use of plastic straws and stirrers has been banned and the Farm orders paper straws and wooden stirrers from Stephensons, a company that implores you to sign their pledge to help make Manchester plastic-free. As a token of our efforts and a reminder of our good impact, the straws are imprinted with a cute little Manchester bee. In addition to this, the Farm does not serve plastic water bottles on site. Instead, there are water urns located around the venue.

Get in Touch!

To find out more about what we can offer your business and how we can tailor our events to meet the personalised needs of your team, get in touch!

We can’t wait to hear from you and get planning an event to invigorate your team.